The Reckoning is Here

I’m taking a quick break from the blog series that grew out of my workshops at SWTC to highlight the signs that the nonprofit theatre reckoning is here; the reckoning many of us saw coming at the beginning of the pandemic…but was blissfully delayed by SVOG funding. Yesterday, I read this article on Williamstown Theatre […]

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Board ≠ Parent; Staff ≠ Child

Yesterday, we talked about redefining why your nonprofit theatre exists. Now, let’s talk about redefining how it is led. Here’s the traditional list of Board duties: This list is a good one, but it has led us to build initial Boards of: This is a fundamentally paternalistic model. It shouldn’t surprise us as the whole […]

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Excuse me, why do you exist?

This is the first of a series of posts that have come out of a workshop I created for the South West Theatre Conference in Little Rock last weekend. The thoughts contained herein have been informed by a ton of articles read, lectures and workshops attended, and conversations enjoyed over the last few years. Apologies […]

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