To transform nonprofit arts organizations creating a stable, thriving, empowering, and equitable industry.


At the Wratchford Group, we engage our varied expertise and skills to help nonprofit arts organizations, their Boards, and their leaders joyfully do their best work every day.


After over 20 years in nonprofit arts leadership including helping to helm one of the only theatres in the nation to successfully produce for live audiences during the summer of 2020, Amy Wratchford founded Wratchford Group in order to support her personal vision to be a Level 5 Leader, inspiring a tribe of passionate individuals to reach beyond themselves to spread more joy and do more good than they could have done alone. Within a month of its founding three more astute, insightful women joined Amy. We are united in our desire to see the nonprofit sector break beyond the scarcity mindset that has held it back for so long. We see the future, not as a space of fear, but rather as an incredible opportunity to establish new models focusing on integrity, investment, and inclusion.

Meet Our Team

Amy Wratchford
President & CEO
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Jo Manley
Marketing Consultant
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Elissa McDonald
Development Consultant
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Kate Powers
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