Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Wratchford Group strongly discourages ‘one-and-done’ thinking about diversity training; research shows that a single, three-hour training session may feel meaningful to participants, but that it doesn’t have long-term impact for the organization or the community that it serves. Dismantling invisible, embedded structures of oppression is a long-term project and we encourage you to start with an assessment and then commit to ongoing work that supports systemic change. We offer executive coaching as well as courses ranging from DE&I 101 to Unconscious Bias to Inclusive and Anti-Racist Leadership. We invite participants to engage with topics including microaggressions, intersectionality, covering, and their impact on workforce engagement as well as how to have uncomfortable but constructive conversations. We can also tailor anti-racist trainings for your industry.  For our theatre colleagues, please inquire about our Inclusive Rehearsal Room workshop.

Board Training

Specifically targeted to organizations transitioning from Working Boards to Governing Boards, our Board trainings help Executive Directors prepare their Boards for the next phase of the organization’s life cycle.  With workshops ranging from how to read financial reports to Board roles and responsibilities to establishing an effective committee structure, the Wratchford Group can set you up for success.

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