Financial Stabilization

Before you can take advantage of a full strategic plan, you have to get your financial house in order. Many nonprofit organizations were skating a razor’s edge of economic viability even before the pandemic struck; it is hard to see a way forward when you are in the thick of it.  With over two decades of fiscal leadership and millions of dollars in debt retired, we’re ready to help you chart your financial course.


Is your organization one of the many that approach their fundraising on a campaign-by-campaign basis?  While that can provide incremental growth, a clear development plan is the only way to achieve transformational success.  Wratchford Group experts work with your Board and organizational leaders to build a comprehensive plan, helping you move your donors from annual giving to committed partner and providing you with a cultivation calendar that complements your organizational activity cycle. 


With reduced staff wearing even more hats than before, it is hard to make time to plan ahead.  Our marketing professionals can partner with you to create results-producing marketing plans, while providing valuable training to your staff to think strategically, plan effectively, and become better marketers.  Whether you are looking to sell more tickets, enhance your brand or expand your institutional reach, Wratchford Group marketing leaders will boost your bottom line now and provide a framework for success going forward. 

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