Shuttered Venues, Part 4 – It’s the Day of the Show, Y’all!

This is going to be a super-fast highlights post. Here’s what we know:

  • The SVOG Portal opens at 12:00 pm EDT
  • You’ll need the Google Authenticator App (App Store, Google Play) on your smartphone in order to register
  • You need to get the SVOG-specific Form 4506-T from the SVOG site
    • You will need TWO versions of the 4506-T – one for your Form 990 and one for your 3/31/20 Form 941
    • IMPORTANT: If you are a non-profit (and if you are reading this I assume you are), you need to have your Board President/Chair, Vice President/Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer sign your 4506-T
    • IT GETS MORE COMPLICATED: You can’t sign the 4506-T until you have your application number, which you won’t have until you register.
    • I’ve filled out everything I can for both the 990 and the 941 versions and am planning to send them to my Board Chair via Adobe Sign as soon as I have the application number (not a paid endorsement, you can also use DocuSign, etc).

This is all from the Applicants Users Guide the SBA posted yesterday evening and then took down a few hours later. We assume this is due to the various errors throughout the document, but the information above seems too important not to be prepared for.

I’ll try to add information here if they post a new version before (or after) the portal opens

UPDATE: The SBA has posted a new User’s Guide.

UPDATE: 12:10pm…no, you aren’t crazy, the portal isn’t open yet.

UPDATE: 12:19, yep, the portal is open but it isn’t letting anyone actually create accounts.

UPDATE: 12:40p Keep trying, it is slow and you’ll keep getting “invalid page” errors, but keep going.

UPDATE: 12:56p – the portal address has an error when trying to get to the application delete “/s/svog” and it worked.

UPDATE: 1:02p…and now we can’t upload any supporting documentation. Sigh. 

While we’re waiting to be able to upload documents, I wanted to say DON’T WORRY about the request for the DUNS +4 number…you’ll only have the +4 if you have more than one bank account set up in

UPDATE: 2:43p…SBA still working on the upload bug…we’re all stuck in the first section.

In other news, they’ve posted a new FAQ. The problem is, it has completely erroneous updates like this one:

  1. *The SVOG application appears to indicate that award amounts will be based on earned revenue rather than gross revenue as is required by the Economic Aid Act. Can SBA clarify this?
    We can confirm that SVOG award amounts will be based gross revenue, not earned revenue. The SBA is updating the program guidance to make this point clearer.

I’ll keep updating as I know more.

And…they’re calling it for tonight at least! It is 4:30p and the portal has officially been shut down due to “technical difficulties.” Yep, I’ll say that is true! I really feel for the SBA staff but, boy, would it have been easier for them to just announce a delay in the launch! They said they’ll announce the new portal opening date in advance to provide equitable access.

Rest up and be ready for the next round…whenever that is!

4 thoughts on “Shuttered Venues, Part 4 – It’s the Day of the Show, Y’all!

  1. Thank you so much for the information.

    Have you seen where they tell us what boxes need to be checked on the 4506-T? For example do they need the return transcript, account transcript or record of account under section 6?

    Thank you

    1. The info is in the User’s guide (linked above). It says for Form 990 or Form 1041, check 6b. For all others, check 6c.

  2. The 4506 instructions say not to change/edit the Year or Period Requested – which is pre-filled as 12/31/19. But we’re supposed to submit a 940 for 3/31/20. How did you indicated Q1 940 for 2020 if you couldn’t change the Period Requested ?

    1. Hey David, our best guess is to leave the pre-filled information and add the 3/31/20 date in the next box. I’m doing the same for the 990 request since our fiscal year ends 9/30.

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