Let’s all learn from the Brooklyn Museum

As I went down the rabbit hole of blogs and comments and links within comments this morning, I came upon this blog post from the Brooklyn Museum‘s Chief of Technology, Shelley Bernstein.  It is all about how they currently use Foursquare and how they dream of using it in the future (Shelley also gives a great overview of what Foursquare is for those who are new to the application).  This puts my little post on landing pages after buying tickets online to shame in a big way! I had been playing with ideas of how theatres could use Foursquare after hearing about a restaurant who provides free dessert to the current “mayor” of their establishment.  The Brooklyn Museum is getting creative with promos, too (click the link at the top of Shelley’s post to see their Foursquare promo).

The best thing is, the Brooklyn Museum isn’t just focusing on the technology and how it can help the organization.  They are using it to help their patrons, giving the gift of their expertise in whatever way the guests want to access it: in person, Four square, Yelp, etc.  The more we get in the mode of approaching social media as a way to give gifts, the more social media will bring us the returns of dedicated evangelists.  I can’t say it enough, social media is about giving not about selling.  It is our job to figure out what will make our patrons’ experience more enjoyable and more impactful and then figure out a way to deliver it or deliver the information that allows them to more easily get it themselves.  I plan to sit at the virtual feet of Shelley Bernstein for a while this afternoon and read more about all the digital initiatives the Brooklyn Museum has going.

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