Why I need to blog, part 2

Back in November Megan Gogerty (the insightful and hillarious playwright and educator) brought her one-woman show, Hillary Clinton Got Me Pregnant, to Synchronicity.  We got into all sorts of discussions while she was here, including the relative merits (or not) of the movie Twilight: New Moon and the ability (or not) to reframe the discussion of the movie into something positive for girls and/or borderline empowering.  After one such discussion I said, “You see, this is why I miss grad school!  I love these types of discussions.”

Turns out, I realized this morning, you don’t need to go back to school to have this.  You can blog!  The question remains whether anyone will decide to join the conversation, but at least I’ll get to release all these thoughts from the confines of my brain.  If my random musings stimulate opinions and thoughts within you, I hope you will comment.   It is so much more fun to have a dialogue than a monologue.

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